• Sheryl Wong

Perform Service Safely during Covid-19 Pandemic

Hey guys, after two months of stay-at-home order, we're happy to be back to your service. And the most question raised to us was how we perform service to customers but also help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

1/Here is our New Protocol that we asked our customer to help us following:

2/ we updated all of our dispenser to automatic contactless sensors:

3/ We use hospital grade disinfectant sprays to clean surfaces that customer touched after each service done.

4/ We clean and spray disinfectant when we open and before we close the shop.

5/ We Installed Table shields to help prevent dirt and droplet spreading directly between you and our nail techs.

6/ We constantly clean and spray the color samples.

7/ All of our techs wear Masks and Face shields for extra protections.

8/ All of our implements follows 3-step-disinfectant like we has always been doing even prior the pandemic : Clean with soap, soak in Barbicide for 10 minutes, then put in sterilization pouch and autoclave for 15 minutes. After that place them into the Sterilization lamp ready to be used.

9/ We have always been using disposable Files, Buffers, and Pumices even prior the Pandemic.

10/ Our Pedicure chairs using the most modern technology: Jet Liners, 100% disposable, No Cross Contamination.

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