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What is Dip Powder and its benefits?

SNS Dip Powder

What is Dip Powder?

It's a new technique, well not too new since it has been around the markets for years. But the social medias made it a great comeback.

The nail technician will apply a layer of glue base, dip in the powder color of your choice, repeat several times and then apply the top coat, let it air dry for 2 minutes (No UV light needed).

It's guaranteed to be lasted for 2 or more weeks, up to 4 weeks.

What's the benefits of getting Dip powder?

It's healthier for your nails with added Vitamin E and Calcium.

It lasts longer than gel polish.

No Liquid or UV light needed.

It's lightweight and durable.

And it's odor free.

What's the different between Dip, Gel/Shellac, and Acrylic?

I'd say it stands between Gel and Acrylic. It last longer than Gel but not as long as Acrylic. Also you can make your nails longer by applying fake tips and dip powder just like the Acrylic while you cannot with the Gel. Dip Powder is durable and stronger than Gel but not as strong as Acrylic. However, Dip Powder is lightweight and more natural than the Acrylic.

Who should do the Dip Powder?

Well, it depends on your personality and how you want your nails to be done.

I'd recommend Dip Powder for those who don't like the Acrylic and the Gel doesn't work on them like chipping too fast or cannot hold your nails without breaking.

Also for those who don't like the cure under UV light, Dip Powder is the right choice for them.

Now for the other side:

Some people don't like to take them off and consider Dip like Acrylic. But, for Dip the nail technician will file down 50% of the powder and soak them off just like Gel. It's way easier than the Acrylic.

Many don't like the filing on the nails before applying the Dip. However, the filing is very light and just to remove the cuticle and make your nail a little rough so the dip can last longer, not to remove layer of your nails like the Acrylic.

In Conclusion:

Again, whether you choose to do it or not is depending on your own needs and wants. But it's not hurting to try and see which fits you better.

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