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Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure

Some people have been neglecting the need of manicure and pedicure. Let's go over the benefits and why should we need to get manicure and pedicure done?!

Why Manicure and Pedicure?

We use our hands and feet every single day to wash, to clean, to drive, to write,etc... you name it. Shouldn't we give them proper care and treat them as good as possible since they serve you right?!

Doing manicure and pedicure from a professional nail salon are the best ways to make your hands and feet cleaner, healthier, and prettier. Most men thought manicure and pedicure are girly but it's a must-have for any genders.

Imagine you are going to see your business partner and you have to shake their hands with your uncut and unclean nails? You don't want to have to hide your hands all the time during your meeting, do you?

Same as your feet, you put the whole 100 or more pounds on your feet all day walking around, doing the gym stuff, or kicking some asses (just joking, maybe?! ^^). Shouldn't you give your feet some soaking in warm water, some massages to decompress and circulate?!

There are tons of nerves that connect your hands and feet to other organs inside your body. It's surprisingly but it's scientific proven. You can check out some of the websites below to see the connections:

Each Finger is Tied to 2 Organs

5 Things Your Feet Are Telling You About Your Health

Visiting your Professional Nail Spa will help to maintain your nails' health and keep them young.

Healthier Skin:

You can get calluses or dirt by exposing to weather or regular activity. At Star Nail Spa, we offer different treatment for manicure and pedicure which include exfoliation, remove calluses, and moisturizing. These treatments will help to renew your skin and make them healthier.


Besides the exfoliation and moisturizing, manicure and pedicure include massages too which will help to increase the circulation of your blood and release the tighten muscle form walking or standing in a long period of time.


Fungus is the most common infection that appear on fingers and toes from the moist and dirt. Our professional technicians have the ability to recognize it even before it spreads.

Most people think fungus can only get to your toes, but No, they can spread on your fingers too. For acrylic nails/ dipping powder, by not getting refill or new set on time, the water can get in where the lift is and it's the best place for fungus to grow.

By doing manicure and pedicure, you will get your fingers and toes clean out and anti-fungal applying to help kill it before it's getting worse.

Relaxing experience:

It's nothing wrong to get your nail fresh and clean while feeling pamper and relaxing with our unique spa treatment.

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